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You know.... It's been a terribly long time since I've properly been active let alone really been on DA. Let's be real, I was gone for a good month, maybe even a month and a half. That's a long while. A long, unnecessary while.

There's been a lot that's been going on and at the same time, not all that much. Depends on how you look at it.
Also: Since I've been so dead in journals/DA activity, you can guarantee my messages and this journal are gonna sound a little wonky for a while. That whole trying to start a car that's been out of use for a year kind of thing. It's gonna be a little rough, and maybe a little much, but eventually when the gears get back in place, everything's all good.

So... what have I been up to? Well, a lot.
I CAN say that 2 weeks of June I wasn't in the country at all so that was warranted disappearance :lmao: June 11th (our leaving day) to June 24th I was in South America, Peru! That trip.... I swear will have its OWN journal entry. And the photos? ALL THE PHOTOS! Not for a journal entry for those (although that IS a good idea) but for uploading. I will see how I can or what I can do about getting through some of those/organizing/deleting and then getting some sneak peeks and such uploaded here. Actually I can probably work best with my mom's camera since well.....

2. My camera is BACK in the shop again. Which is a story on its own rite again but I'm still a little depressed/worried with it (we just dropped it off again, both body & lens on Tuesday and I haven't gotten a call from them so I'm not sure if the problem is presenting as more difficult or not - or maybe they just haven't gotten it all set and it's going to instead take some time. I'm not sure.) But actually, I suppose I could mention it here anyways right? Mmm, power of the moment and all, huh?

Okay, so, while in Peru, my mom and I went to Lima, Arequipa and Cusco. We saw the Colca Valley and went up to Machu Pichu. We were in Lima for 1 day, Arequipa for 6 days, 3 days in Cusco and then back in Lima for 2 days. While in Arequipa, we stayed at an aunt's house, Aunt Laura, and that was really nifty and quite awesome, I must add. Arequipa and Lima were my favorite. But Cusco was just a short end of the stick since it was a comfortable hotel, high altitude, there was totes Wifi again, we weren't there for long and it was totally crazy ass (but very lovely) party city outside the doors annnnnd my camera malfunctioned on Machu Pichu.

We had the option, to make this story a bit shorter for now, to return back to Machu Pichu after lunch and there were LLAMAS so hells yeah returning for the photos! It was pretty dusty and fairly breezy in the area and while I was sat on a rock my mom was taking a picture of me on, I was also trying to use my camera buuuuuut it wasn't work. At all. And I internally panicked. Hardcore.

It was okay a bit after, sometimes I could still take photos but it would malfunction again as well and so there was definitely something wrong with it. Wasn't too much of a happy camper that evening. And the next day I cried like a silly goose and was all depressed about it and yeah but I did go out so that was good but yeah, didn't like Cusco too much and just realllllly wanted to go home and have a fixed camera again.

Fast forward to about a week later, when we first dropped the camera off. Initially, with the dust on Machu Pichu, I thought the problem was dirt that got stuck in the lens - because whenever I tried to focus (auto focus) the focus ring would move around a bit, then get still and stuck and make this weird grinding noise. I thought this was just one set problem and that the additional presence of my camera trying to focus, not doing so and presenting with a blurry image, but STILL appearing "green/ready to go" and thus taking said not in focus photo was the same thing.
Alas, maybe not?

Two days later from the first drop off (and $89 later may I add) I was told that (although I don't recall if it was said that it was broken or damaged or which for sure) the ribbon (or one of them? I'm not a technology wiz, as you know) inside the lens had needed to be replaced and since my down payment was only $30 at the time, I'd have to pay more (the $59). I only dropped off the lens, to just reiterate.

So I picked up the camera two days later, rejoicing in happiness, and didn't use it much after. I did go through the photos on it for a first round but not actually properly taking pictures....

Sooooo on Sunday when I went to use my newly healed camera - I was totally engrossed in dread when the problem was STILL there. So, I've left both the body (there goes $95 if it even IS the body, I don't know if it is or not, I'm confused and flabbergasted!) and the lens at the shop and have yet to hear the news of what it is or what to do. Camera-less. Oh so camera-less. But yeah.
I can say that it was NOT making the same sound after though! It was more of a error/twitching sound. And it's more like when the focus ring comes close to the body of the camera and just refuses to move or focus yet at the same time the camera can still take the (very blurry) shot. But sometimes it can also take shots in focus. Or, as it normally does, it will refuse to take the photos if not in focus. I'm just hoping it can be fixed. I DO think it's the lens, but I don't understand the communication problem the two seem to be having. It seems to work fine and dandy when there's a different lens but I also again didn't manipulate it very much.
It's all just a little too depressing, ya know? T_T

Anywho, managed to ramble distressingly over my camera, huh?

3. So, another reason I've been off and away from DA for so long..... if my favorites are anything to go by... I, uh, became just a smidge bit too much of a Marvel fangirl now. I can happily say that I have FINALLY watched both Thor and Thor: The Dark World. And I'm such a Loki fan. And please, I can't even get started on Tom Hiddleston. I have not fangirled this much since House, and that was 2 years ago. :iconblushingplz: :iconteheplz: There will always be more discussion here.

That basically means I spent a lot of June and some good portions of July watching lots of Youtube videos (like interviews - do you know how many Tom Hiddleston interviews are out there? Almost never ending. Almost. And fanvideos (including both actor/character - although the former is more limited). And lots of Thor & TDW clips. Annnnnd, you get the idea) Seriously. Like, I don't even know what happened. I had caught watching Iron Man 3 on TV three times because I kept not catching the very start of it, and was utterly confused as to what the New York alien attack references were about (having just the vaguest idea from seeing that scene from the Avengers previously with my mom one time) of which, as a major Iron Man fan then (he was totes my number 1 - of which I now have a longer list....) I decided I had to find the movie and watch it again - you know, get the full experience and all?

Except, I didn't really know about The Avengers, so instead we watched Iron Man 2 (whoops!) again (or maybe just the first time, I'm not sure, it's all blending together now) and as we watched it, it dawned on me that this wasn't the right movie :lmao: And of which it made references to Iron Man of whose plot I also could NOT remember :rofl: (and which is still on my list to rewatch)

FINALLY We realized our mistake and then set out to watch the ever so wonderful The Avengers.
Annnnnd for the first hour and a half, I was totally wondering if it was also the wrong movie. (It wasn't! But god that build up!)

And, of course, I had totes known about Loki from fanart on DA before. And I really did watch The Avengers for Iron Man plot understanding. But you see, it was alllll those rewatching of clips and favorite scenes on Youtube that just... converted me to being a Loki fan. And then, I started to realize, " oh no.... I've reentered the realm .... of fangirling.... O_O" And I swear, I am blushing as we speak, or as you read and I've been writing. It happened quickly, the fangirl realm entering.... I tried to deny it. But now, it's too late. I'm in too deep. AND OHMYGOD THE FANFICTION!

The more I watched the Loki clips, the more I sailed into Thor and TDW related clips. And then I was all "I must watch these movies. I have to." Because I totally hadn't ever seen Thor before then! Which is INSANE! Especially since I acted suspiciously (but maybe not really, my Internet understandings have always been weak) hipster about the movies, thinking they were like 300 kind of stuff so I'd scoff if my mom was watching it or my friend Ali gushed over them. I was all "Thor? Pffff" But now... now I know. :rofl:
Actually, my brother worked on Thor too! If you happen to know anything about the movie, the scene where SHIELD has set up the glass box around Mjolnir as it's looked on from an aerial view (so to speak) was the scene my brother did. Do you guys even know I have a brother? Pfff, sure you do! But I don't tend to talk about him do I....? Well, fun fact then!

So yeah, I was silly and hadn't seen Thor until like July 4th of which I finally got down to watch it! =]
But before then! I can say that I did know quite a bit about it before actually getting to watch it - since you know, clips, interviews and fanfiction. I was actually surprised the "Silvertongue turned to lead" comment was in the movie, since I know I had read that a few times in some fanfics ^^ ANYWHO.

Basically, one of my major points is - I've been reading lots of Thor/The Avengers fanfiction. The most beautiful and wondrous fanfics. So a lot of my potential DA time has been cooped up with a fantastic 40 chapter long story of which I read over the course of 2 entire days. :rofl:

I'm happy to say though, I FINALLY made a new fanfic account! For a few weeks --
(also, just to interject -- I totally was reading fanfic in Peru when we got Wifi back.... I. Regret. Nothing. Such wonderful, beautiful fanfic.... Mmmmmm fanfic)
-- I was trying to recover my OLD fanfic account, one I made while amidst of DA time, but my email address was invalid (guess I hadn't made the hotmail account yet) and so luckily I not only remembered it was my AOL email (further help realizing this from PoetsHand, indirectly speaking) but I was able to log back INTO that email (actually wasn't hard at all ahhaah) and then I waited for the confirmation....
And I waited.

And waited.

And it never came.

So a couple days ago this week I said - fuck it! NEW ACCOUNT!
So I now have a nice and dandy fanfic account, so I can follow and fave stories and write comments YAY =] Good times. Gooooood times.

So, yeah. Fangirling has mildly kept me from DA. Although reading fanfic has pushed me to wanting to come back and inspiring me in ways that only art can ever really do (as in, art inspiration and life inspiration. Mmmm, the power of the story, huh?)

4. Just something that's happened: Well, while I was in Peru I didn't have my phone for 2 weeks. That was actually pretty cool.
I also haven't had my phone NOW for about a week (a little over). That's 'cause it died. Sooooo yeah. I need a new phone. Annnnnd I've been pushing that off life a crazy person. Sigh. (And died in the way that I can still get messages probably and I can turn it on and it lights up but there's absolutely no visual whatsoever. A black screen of death)

5. I haven't been sleeping very much. Once again today, about the third or fourth time recently, I fell asleep at about 7:00am. Woke up around 10:30 - 11:30a. All nighter. Don't really like them. But yeah, sleep schedules and sleeping and such hasn't been great or well structured.

6. Speaking of structure! I got some great structure ~2 weeks ago. I went to the doctor's and have some good news I'll mention soon about it and also have gotten started on asthma medicine (another story for another time). That was good for the first week! And then last Thursday everything went to shit and that leads to the next point!

7. I've been pretty up and down with Pist & Postent. This last week was particularly rough, and it's reminding me once again how much I need to learn about struggling and when to get back up and how to do that and how long is too long to wait to do so. I haven't figured it out much yet, but it's on my mind today. Today actually I feel pretty freakin' spectacular. Which is odd since I finally started my period. Which was a week late. Which was worrisome. And annoying. But I feel like me again, and that's good. The most Postent since last Monday. Unfortunately a lot of my structure bottomed out during that time and things were all amuck but... in doing better today I'm reminded once more the help and aid DA has in such matters. A thing I once again forgot about.

There is more of course, it's been a good month and a half, but I'm on a deadline - there are milkshakes calling my name and I wish to grab them. So, for now, that is my update of sorts. I will be back again, tonight and such, so.... until the next journal entry.... and with much hopes that I can upload some works and that Postent will be sticking around..... :heart:

I hope you've ALL been spectacular and awesome and fun! And that things are going well, or if they haven't been, that they look up soon.
Always have hope. It never truly departs.

:iconglomp2plz: :iconiloveyouplz:

Also, if it wasn't obvious: I've missed all of you guys so much in my departure. And I've thought of many of you many times over the course of the last few weeks. I really hope you're all doing well, and I can't wait to really see the works you guys have been making. You're all so fabulous and amazing and wonderful and beautiful. Thank you so much for being you. :heart:
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