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End of A Life

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 23, 2015, 3:41 PM
This journal will be brief.

My dog, Bella, (or as I called her Bayya, Princess Bayya (at the end), and when her two ears were flipped backwards exclusively: Queen Abadabalobba*. (*This spelling may be altered to change in the future, so you know. XD)) has passed away at around 3am today

I want to write a journal entry just for her with pictures of her and probably snippets of the story about Princess Bayya I had begun telling her when she first got sick in the beginning of July, this month.

She made it to her birthday!! Little old grannypants, 12 years. She died two days later.

She had been through a LOT in her life. Her left leg broke I think it was 3 times and never quite healed each time after multiple surgeries, conehead days, medication and more. We decided to amputate her leg to give her more of a chance. She did swimmingly thereafter.

She jumped around like a buffoon, climbed stairs, jumped on beds - couches - a lot of things, ran around free as can be. She wobbled when she walked but it was cute and her own little thing. (And I totes made fun of her for it ;) )

She was a major part of my life, for how long we had her. I don't remember much about the early days save a few memories here and there, but Bayya was a sure hard trooper. She persevered multiple times in her life, and kept getting through it all.

She was an Italian Greyhound. She was really beautiful and lovely and caring and tolerated me picking on her all the time XD

A couple years ago she began to go blind as cataracts and glaucoma set in. She got Lyme Disease last year. She had her ailments.
After the depression about the blindness she learned how to maneuver around the world - sometimes that meant bumping into a lot of things but she figured it out. She adapted. She was so cute and loved!

Early in July this month she got really, really sick. The fourth of July was not exciting as we were all convinced she was going to go then. But she pulled out of it, and we got a couple more weeks of her  after.

Now that she's gone, which is still weird, I want to make another journal solely about her (although this one is quite about her too!) to just have up pictures of her. I'm going to be uploading a bunch of photos of her that I never got around to uploading before so the mix will be from my cell phone and my camera. I'll update the journal as I get other photos in from other sources.

You don't have to check out the journal if you'd rather not or if it's not interesting. I just feel it's appropriate and right for me to have an open place to show her little face and life. Until I myself can print out the photos and put them in scrapbooks or photo albums. Maybe it's a way to grieve and keep her around. I'm sure any one of you out there who have had pets, lost pets, or even people loved ones, can understand what I'm talking about.

I don't know where I fall in the whole religious aspect, but I know her soul and her personality are out there now. She's wrapped up like a taco getting meals from my Abuela, barking, whining and getting awesome rubsies. With all of her three little leggsies.

There's other stuff happening too but I don't really know what to be doing right now and I don't want to go into it too much now either. I've been crying on/off about Bayya today. I really began enjoying the scent of HER in the last year, and some of her things (jacket, blanket) still smell like her

I'm being careful about how much I think about her and how focused I am on her versus other things. I've done well on that end. I don't want to give the OCD ANY of the satisfaction of using Bayya as an attack against me. So my dad and I followed through with our plans today, checking out McLean's OCD Institute in Belmont. I feel really good about the place and will have more information and updates about that and treatment and where I am with the OCD and such later on, in a few days.

I'm going out tomorrow night for my friend's brother's wedding. I'll be sleeping over after and then on Sunday there's another event. I want to go through my photos for suresies between tonight and tomorrow. I'll probably upload a couple of photos of Bayya and do more in the future. Fuck, I'll probably just add it to this journal. I don't know.

I may have another quick journal up between tonight and tomorrow. Not sure.

Hope you guys are doing well. :tighthug:

Princess Bayya is resting her paws. Her birthday was the same as my mom's: July 21st.
~Summer or Fall of 2003 --- July 23. 2015

Always here, Always loved, Cute as can be.

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