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This journal will be pretty quick, I want to get it up within the next 10 mins as I need to go to sleep as soon as I can to help insure I'm well off for tomorrow.

So, tomorrow's the 25th of January which FINALLY means that school is starting back up for me!! I am taking 3 classes this semester: Japanese Architecture, Adolescence and Religion, Spirituality & Health. (an upper level psych course) I'm excited now too since just recently my last class changed locations and it's now in the new building they've built over the last year so that is super awesome! =]

I have classes MWF 10, 12 and 2p. Which works out nicely.
We're going to be doing Photo Club this semester MW at 1p. I'm got a wicked Treasurer and new friend and we went over the brainstorming stuff for the semester on Saturday so that's great too. We'll have our first meeting next week. I hope to hear tomorrow about reactivation and possibly getting a slot in for the student involvement fair happening this Tues, although I don't know how exhausted I'll be and whether I can make it or not. playing that by ear.

I fancified my schedule today so that's super cute and awesome (even did a small drawing on it!) I also have officially gone through as much of the deviation stacks as I could over the last 3 days and for the first time in probably nearly 6 years, I have 0 deviation stacks!! As some of you may have seen, I went through as much as I could, I wish I could have done more still, but I did what I could and I've been hoping that was enough!! :cake:

I'm going to be listening to an ASMR shortly to help me fall asleep. I have to wake at like 7a and leave the house by 7:45 to catch the train. I'm feeling nervous but majorly excited for the new semester. It feels like I haven't been to school for a year, and in ways that's true (I wouldn't necessarily count last spring semester in my favor). I'm the most excited about the:


Hehe, that's something I'm looking forward to and having assignments and due dates and deadlines.

You know, I got to that goal of mine today for the deviations an HOUR earlier than I had set up my deadline for, so that's cool. I also downloaded new music tonight and my Mom and I went out and made bars of soap today! =D

I'm still packing up my backpack, got my clothes all picked out, all my art stuff shoved inside of my backpack as well, and I'm secretly hoping to get a locker for the $15 price so that I won't have to lug around so much all the time. I think it'll be good having the breaks in between classes, sans for Photo Club days.

Also, right now I'm still seeing my T twice a week, but eventually that'll go down to once. And for now my Fri's are my early home days (at the latest I'll be home at 8:10 days I have therapy (since it's at 4p and travel travel travel)) so those are going to be my Friday night painting nights. =]

I may pick up volunteer work to keep me structured the TuTh's. It'll be important for me to keep myself structured, attaining goals and still balancing other livelihood - like doing artwork, being active on DA and coping positively. :meow: I hadn't gotten the chance to do my coping strats. journal yet over the last few days since I was busy with the inbox haul, but now I think I'll do it some time this week, depending on how much homework and things there is.

I think I'm going to be more focused and able to do my work ahead of time/on time so that I can enjoy the pleasantries afterwards rather than instant gratification and procrastination issues.

Anywho, I've gotten tired now. I think I'll head to sleep, write up a couple goals for tomorrow and all.
Remind me to tell you guys about my recent Target dollar haul venue and Michael's shopping ;)
I got such a fancy box now!

Hope you all are well, Good night, and good luck in work/school!! =]
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Why hello there, you snazzy and fabulous individual! :wave:

My name around these parts is HMD, feel free to call me that or any other nickname you can come up with as we get to know each other. I've been on DA for many years and my time here has been so wonderful and gorgeous. I have learned many things, I have made amazing friends and I've had the fortune to look, see, comment and feature some incredible artworks.

Life gets bumpy for me as it does for so many of us, but I'm striving to look for and showcase the positives, the hopeful, the inspiring and the moments life offers us to be happy to be alive. I promote recovery in my life and am focusing on sharing that online as well. One day it may not be so much of my focus, but I will always support and contribute to mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

I'm blessed to be in the position I'm in today, and one day I aim to work as a mental health therapist. This is my journey until then. Stay safe, be kind to yourselves, and you can always message me on here or through email if you want to chat.
Thank you for visiting!!

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