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To write or not to write the shortest journal ever? I'm going to majorly dislike how it shrinks my profile page later BUT I will do it because I really, really, really had wanted to yesterday!

Except, today, I have only about 3 minutes sooo....

I wanted to say: Hi. But more importantly, I am super excited since UMB is having Welcome Day today for new incoming students and ATP HAS BUSINESS CARDS NOW AS OF YESTERDAY! WHOOT WHOOOT!

We're so profesh now. (Except if we talk like that XD (which of course we do! (I mean me)))
But yeah, we have super awesome fancy business cards.
And we have lots of candy to attract the masses.
And my friends Deonna and Anam will be there.
And Deonna and I will be having photography shoots afterwards.
Annnnd yeah, it's going to be great!

I also have to mildly worry/think of my upcoming Chem quiz on Wed and my paper for psych due on Monday night. O_O
I will discuss more later. But at least I got this baby out! =]

Also: I had the weirdest dream last night. A lot of fears from the paper, welcome day (in a completely distorted dream version) and for some reason Deonna and I were playing volleyball with a hanging large brown furry with sharp little teeth spider. Yeah.
Also, an interesting line from a secret villian got me thinking....

Postent may be back! YAY!

I was going to say bye then I realized how silly that is and in turn how silly that makes me for being to write this..... NO TIME!

  • Mood: Nervous
  • Listening to: Snores
  • Reading: Journal and quickly everything else
  • Watching: Train ride soon/drive
  • Eating: Gotta stuff my muffin away
  • Drinking: I gotta piss bro, don't remind me XD


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Oh! Hello there, random deviant!! :wave:

My work on DA includes Photography and Literature. And those few and not so great attempts at drawing xD My career aim is to go into Medicine [yeah, med school! XD] and become a doctor. A doctor in what? I can't quite decide... xD But an MD in something, surely! :lmao:

I don't watch TV much, but the one TV series I followed for a very long time was House MD [and yes my username is a reference to the show :iconteheplz:]
Other than that, I hardly ever watch it [UNLESS it's something uberly medical -- like Trauma! [The stuff's real anyhow! Which is interesting, and sad, and all "graphic content" Pfff] Or Mystery Diangosis/Mystery ER [Mystery Diagnosis gets a bit repetitive though =|] Or Monsters Inside Me... And you know, they're always coming up with new Medical shows anyhow *waves hands*
Basically anything that may come on Discovery Fit & Health [hopefully in the future no one ELSE buys this and names it something else *pointed stare* -- or other science shows... MMM Science XD

Here on DA, I love commenting, even if it takes me a while to reply to things or actually get around to it, it's on my mind, I swear! =] This site has brought out a 'wanting to help' attitude in me, ever since the beginning, so if you are in need of some and if there may just be something I can do, feel free to ask! If anything, I wouldn't mind having a conversation =)

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