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Hey everyone!!

I am currently super duper hungry, I've spent like the last two hours down in the library on campus typing up, reading through, HTMLing my Distorted and Disordered fanfic, which you can now find those two chapters both here on DA and on my account =] So yeah. I'm ready to soon step away from the keyboard and the screen for a while.

Today I'm on campus late. Also, I missed my first class this morning 'cause I missed the train 'cause I got pulled over by the cops 'cause I was tailgating 'em. Just a warning though, but yeah. That was an unusual start to my mornin'. I felt like such a troll afterwards :lmao: Was singing to Trolololol and everything XD

But yeah, I'm on campus late today until about 5:30 at the most, since I'm going to an info session at Samaritans hotline to learn about what they do and whether or not I feel up to continuing forth with volunteering there. So yeah =]

Then tomorrow I've got me class and the OCD support group up at McLean, so I gots to go do that. So I'll be home at like 10 or 11 or so. Wooooot.

Then Wed is the Mass Media meeting along with some Psi Chi stuff (got into an honors Psych group thingy) at 1p, and I'm reminding myself of it now so I don't forget hopefully and then Th I have therapy in the EARLY AM, 9am, so I have to catch the 7a train. O boy! And then the rest of the week, I don't know

Phew, been typing and writing and thinking a lot lately. I'm definitely the most hungry right now. Been awake since 5:30a O_O

This is the last full week of classes!!
Next week we have up til Wed and then the week after is finals DUN DUN DUNNNN

I have two papers to get working on and two finals. Wed and Th. are my finals. Blegh. I had an exam today but boy I'm already over that bro.

I went on the Spring Day of Service on Saturday, fancy me, and went to the Blue Hills to clean up some trash from the stream, hiked up the mountain, made some new friends and bragged about mental health stuffs. A good time! XD It was very good though, and ohhh my I may end up buying some cookies today...oh I feel it... They were yummy on Sat! And because today well, why not?

But I found $20 of LEGIT $20 too that Sat. So that's hella awesome. Bought me some ice cream with it. =]

Did you know that May is mental health month? Now ya do.

Also, check out this lovely website which will be featuring stories for mental health month and that you could submit your own story too if you wanted!! I will be! =]

Still waiting on my May presentations list for well this month. SIGH

I've been badgering about 'em for two weeks no lie :lmao:

I'm trying to wait until I hear something back from one of my reviewers but I may just get off the Internet well maybe not... my phone is dying already. Grrr. I dunno.

Other than that, things are as things are. OH! I know what I wanted to mention!
In April I gave out 63 positive messages!

I'm working on some for the support group tomorrow =D

Anywho, I'll be wandering off from this journal now. :meow: Thanks for staying tuned!!!

Hope you guys have a SPECTACULARRRRR week. =]

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Why hello there, you snazzy and fabulous individual! :wave:

My name around these parts is HMD, feel free to call me that or any other nickname you can come up with as we get to know each other. I've been on DA for many years and my time here has been so wonderful and gorgeous. I have learned many things, I have made amazing friends and I've had the fortune to look, see, comment and feature some incredible artworks.

Life gets bumpy for me as it does for so many of us, but I'm striving to look for and showcase the positives, the hopeful, the inspiring and the moments life offers us to be happy to be alive. I promote recovery in my life and am focusing on sharing that online as well. One day it may not be so much of my focus, but I will always support and contribute to mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

I'm blessed to be in the position I'm in today, and one day I aim to work as a mental health therapist. This is my journey until then. Stay safe, be kind to yourselves, and you can always message me on here or through email if you want to chat.
Thank you for visiting!!

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This portion here is now a place for either helpful things or... things I want to remember that I did XD ^^
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