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Hello there, my friends and fellow deviants!! :wave:

I have been back home in MA since yesterday (well, technically Sunday/early am hours of Monday) but either way, here I am! =]

I want to give you guys a journal update about things and life stuff, and I had meant to before I left on vacation but unfortunately procrastinating on clearing my SD card meant I did far more of that than any actual DA activity-ness. ^^;


Today and for the next couple of days, I think, I'll be rationing out the time I spend online and staring at bright screens. Because, as the title suggests, I kinda sorta hit my head on my mom's car's windshield and cracked the windshield sooooo yeah. Oops.

Amusingly, I was getting the chocolate chip cookie from the back of the car (of which I jolted over to the backseat) which was in my mom's purse behind my passenger's seat, and we were on the highway heading back home yesterday, and you know I made funny faces at the other driver's and stuff - enjoyed my time of clowning about - and then it came to me heading back to my passenger seat, and - well, you know, my mom had to stop and I went catapulting forwards.

I smooshed my nose on the dashboard, my glasses went lopsided settling into my left eyeball, and the top/middle portion of my head must have hit the windshield and it spider cracked.

Yup, that happened. It actually legitimately happened, to me no less!

Awesomely, glasses are not unbroken, my nose isn't broken and my head wasn't broken either. No bleeding, just soreness and a light headache.

My nose is quite sore today, at the bridge and bony parts, my head feels sore like when I raise my eyebrows that motion just elicits a dull pain, and when I put a hand on my head it feels pressurized.

But I think I'm okay! If not and symptoms develop, we all can guess where I'll be headed!! :P

So other than me just being all "OHMYGERD WHAT IF I'M BLEEDING IN MY BRAAAINNN?" and wondering if there's a mild concussion going on, that's been my day as of last evening and parts of today ^^;

But, besides that!

The cookie WAS pretty good by the way, although, in retrospect, not really worth the pain. Damn.
The only other thing was that after it happened I realized I cracked the windshield and thus was crying because of it T_T I also think it was because I legitimately had not anticipated or been thinking that that could have happened so maybe a bit of shock or something.

Brain matters aside!
The vacation was VERY awesome!!! We actually were staying in Fort Myers, and the hotel itself was called Sanibel Port or something Hotel.

We did lots of chillaxing, swimmmmmminnnng, coloring (me), drawing (me), eating, going out to do le eating, and having a spa day. :meow:
It was great!! (I'll probably talk more about it later on if I get in the mood, right now it's just a gloss over).

Yesterday I officially have taken my leave of absence from the semester! Paperwork accomplished!
I also got to fill out the paperwork for the readmission waiving the fee! Weeee!!

Sent an ATP email yesterday...
Have lots of ideas for DA this week.
My bday is tomorrow! =O
Trying to hang out with a friend soon...
Did more fun drawings/wanting to upload more soooooon ...
Had therapy yesterday, it went well and have some homework about schemas to do for that. Also still working on finding the right fix for the ERP (rereading my writings wasn't helpful; and sitting with a toothpick yesterday in session was more so getting there but also had me be a bit bored and thinking 'Bro, it's just a toothpick' XD)

I have the paperwork for the OCD-I to do and also some online questions stuff that I'll probably do today, as well as download more music to my ipod! =D

School would have started for me next Tuesday.
Shit, it's Wednesday! :O

I need to take a shower... and go out of the house...
I have 25 blank pages left in my sketchbook of 99 pages (I had taken out one).
I gotta keep busy until mid-Oct.

And, finalllllly, one other thing I will mention is that in the last last session I had with my T, it was brought to my attention that my chattering online or off about suicide, or prevention or hotlines and such, is contributing to the OCD that I have and thus I am not allowed to be talking about that kind of thing for a while.

NOT forever, but for now. Temporarily.

As my T described it:

"In order to stop reoccurring behavior, you don't give it more energy. Like the child throwing a tantrum, it's most helpful to just ignore it. Treat it as 'noise.'

It's okay to glorify/talk up about life, hope, positivity, good things -- just don't hook it to suicidal ideation."

So, that means I can still be talking about positive stuffs and awesome things about life and such, just shut up my lips tight when I try to segue anything about suicidal ideation/self-harm stuff.

That means a shift in my artwork and journals and such and of course some of my previous work up until this point will be the opposite of this requirement of new behavior. *sigh*

I can't say I'll be 100% great at it right off the bat, but I'll be trying. :heart:
I do believe it will help though, just as not creatively writing or drawing or doing any artwork related to suicidal ideation, the OCD, the depression back in June helped me to not be doing THOSE compulsions and to focus back on the enormity of what life is truly about. :meow:

That said, when you're trying to avoid pink elephants, damn you really realize how MUCH other people talk about pink elephants!!! :O

That's all I'm giving you guys today. For right now. So yup.
Hopefully will be active on DA later today and yeah!
Also watching more jacksepticeye on Youtube and listening to some scary stories. *nods* It's a pretty good past time. (pass time? Shit, maybe I hit my head harder than I thought! DX)

Until later on,

*imagine a list of emoticons here*

  • Mood: Hurt
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  • Reading: I need to get offline... :(
  • Watching: Maybe Youtube, bleh tired.


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Why hello there, you snazzy and fabulous individual! :wave:

My name around these parts is HMD, feel free to call me that or any other nickname you can come up with as we get to know each other. I've been on DA for many years and my time here has been so wonderful and gorgeous. I have learned many things, I have made amazing friends and I've had the fortune to look, see, comment and feature some incredible artworks.

Life gets bumpy for me as it does for so many of us, but I'm striving to look for and showcase the positives, the hopeful, the inspiring and the moments life offers us to be happy to be alive. I promote recovery in my life and am focusing on sharing that online as well. One day it may not be so much of my focus, but I will always support and contribute to mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

I'm blessed to be in the position I'm in today, and one day I aim to work as a mental health therapist. This is my journey until then. Stay safe, be kind to yourselves, and you can always message me on here or through email if you want to chat.
Thank you for visiting!!

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What songs do you love that inspire you, give you hope, remind you to stay alive? 

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