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'Cause the spontaneous dance parties are the BEST dance parties! XD
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With that intro out of the way, hello again! :wave: Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5]
It's been a bit of a while. How are you doing? How high can you go? :lag: I hope it's well and swell, and if not, I hope you'll be feeling better soon! :heart:

I'm doing pretty swell myself this fine and glorious evening. I forgot how much the Internet has that puuuulllllll towards it when you go online (and it's been forever) and you're sucked into inbox messages and chatting and then you got to do real life stuffs but you want to keep going on the Interwebs and you feel that puuulll back to the Interwebs for a while.... Good times. XD

I am of course still at McLean, week 2!!
I can talk about my own experiences but of course I obviously cannot divulge information about others here. It's a good crowd though, 20 people at NB1 which is where I am, and there's 8 other people at OH. (Just pretend you get these acronyms)
Today was treated as a holiday so we were on a weekend schedule and it was a very nice and satisfying break from the tougher weekdays.

I slept a bit, 'cause browsing through Buzzfeed at 12:30p had be nodding off and bam I was out after realigning some blankets and creating a prompted up pillow and just slept til about 3p. I was a bit disgruntled when I awoke again since my creative vibes from the morning had fled, but I wound up uploading work onto DA so that's pretty damn good too!

AHA! I thought my laptop plug wasn't in all the way (it wasn't, just fixed it).

I do need to take a shower tonight.... and do so shortly. I'm taking my newly upgraded Abilify of 4mg tonight, hoping any side effects I may experience short/long term won't be so bad. =/

We had a party-tastic karaoke night last night which was super amounts of fun. I tried a couple of songs and I gotta say, I'm used to singing along with the guidance of the artist and without them it's hard to keep up! DX

I got one of those classic oldies stuck in my head for a good while after hehehe.

On Wed's there's mandatory maintaining health we have to go to, which is basically exercise. I played ping pong again and it was LOTS of fun. No actual scores, no legit gaming, just ping and ponging and hitting the ball and the wall having fun too and yeah. It was great. The time really went by QUICK! I was wicked surprised to check my watch and see it was nearly 5 mins to eight! =O

On the weekends we have LSO which is mandatory for one of the weekend days (either Sat or Sun) that you're assigned or can swap with someone, where we go off the unit and to a nearby place for funsies! Saturday I went to the Prudential Center area; browsed a bookstore, Newbury Comics (I want to go back and buy a comic book so bad!! I only had $10 on me and the comic I was looking at was $9.99 SIGH but yeah I really want to try and read a comic book, see how it goes) and just buy things in general with money I don't have. :giggle: I'd settle for buying little knick knacks just 'cause and just to have little additional things from this period of time. I also went to the Walgreen's nearby and got some chocolate milk (I fully believe true moo is the better  chocolate milk out there) and a Reese's fastbreak. I also got more candy on Mon ... Of which I've eaten already =D

ERPs are being difficult for me, in the way that I'm having trouble raising my anxiety response or at times getting any response so that's annoying and tricky. I began writing out yesterday what some of the compulsions I do are because it's coming more to my attention and awareness that some things I hadn't considered compulsions may in fact be so, so I've got to address that. I'm also just having confusion about the ERP process and whether it's a time to be doing CBT/thought defusion work or not (my instinct would be noooo, but... I'm not "certain" and that's some uncertainty I'll just have to live with ;) XD)

I've also been drawing and finishing up old WIPs, I made a list of my WIPs today and have to trickle down through them. I can't take any photos while on the unit or on the campus but if I go home and have the time I can get some shots of them so I can eventually share with you guys. Although I have PLENTY of other stuff to be sharing until then so it's all good!

I've been doing a bunch of IOS lately too, so it stinks you guys won't see those first products! I just started my 3rd composition notebook, this one is green! =]

I'll be soooooon-ish starting my new sketchbook.
I brought along creative writing stuff and ollllder works you guys have NEVER seen that I can type up, edit and upload so anyone out there wanting to do some reading from HMD's creative brain can come along and read some ^^

The days here are filled with appointments and groups and ERPs. Pretty well structured. Luckily each time I've been exhausted thus far during ERPs I've managed to stay awake which is nice. After them of course, that's a whole other story. It's also why I'm hoping the Abilify doesn't screw with me too much. =/ I'm consistently reluctant to adjunct (or take any) meds. Sigh.

I've been doing some scrapbooking! That's going cool and fun.

Oh! I was reading some wonderful fanfic yesterday, twas lovely! =] Got me more in an Internet mood too ^^

I'll be going out with my parents tomorrow night, yey!

I've also been filling out a weekly/daily schedule for time structure/management as well. My first week was very awesome, even when I got my period (bleh!) and I was behaving very confidently and with motivation and enthusiasm and high spirits. It was a side of me that I've imagined before but never dared act on, but it was very awesome and freeing. I'm trying to channel that again this week and so far it's working out. =]
Had a couple run ins with some drama llamas but things have passed and that's all that matters.

Oh, I've made it to 4 months (probably about 4 months and 1 1/2 weeks now) clean from self harm!! =D

I've had urges and intrusive thoughts of course since being here but have managed to not act on them and cope effectively and positively instead....

Oh boy I'm getting exhausted you guys.
This is where the journal is gonna end.
I'm not even sure I'll be awake enough to shower, nuuuuuuu. And meds...gotta take meds.

also lactaid milk is pretty damn good.

We'll communicate again another time.
*falls over and sleeps*
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If you would like to contact me outside of DA, this is one of my email addresses:


Why hello there, you snazzy and fabulous individual! :wave:

My name around these parts is HMD, feel free to call me that or any other nickname you can come up with as we get to know each other. I've been on DA for many years and my time here has been so wonderful and gorgeous. I have learned many things, I have made amazing friends and I've had the fortune to look, see, comment and feature some incredible artworks.

Life gets bumpy for me as it does for so many of us, but I'm striving to look for and showcase the positives, the hopeful, the inspiring and the moments life offers us to be happy to be alive. I promote recovery in my life and am focusing on sharing that online as well. One day it may not be so much of my focus, but I will always support and contribute to mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

I'm blessed to be in the position I'm in today, and one day I aim to work as a mental health therapist. This is my journey until then. Stay safe, be kind to yourselves, and you can always message me on here or through email if you want to chat.
Thank you for visiting!!

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This portion here is now a place for either helpful things or... things I want to remember that I did XD ^^
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January 25.2013: :bulletblue: Probably one I'm the most happy and proud of, encircled with individualized poems and 1 prose.
Contains [my encircled pieces]: Faceless Encounters, Opportunities, Dream Catchers, Nightlight, Passion Beyond a Form, Becoming, A Touch of Spice, In case you forget . . ., and Life's A Spontaneous Ride. :heart:
September 7.2013 :bulletred: A birthday feature with various artworks encircling a poem I wrote called: "For We Are Each Other's" h-everybody-lies--md.deviantar…

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{ When you leave, I am missing you. }
September 7.2013 :bulletwhite: "For We Are Each Other's" h-everybody-lies--md.deviantar…
Prose with Art:
January 2013: "A Toast to Friendships"


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