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This journal looks seriously bloated O_o I do not quite like this new layout, but I write so many journals that I'll just wind up getting used to it ;)

Anywho, I have lots of nice, good news! ^^ Maybe not lots actually but, even so. =]

Currently, I just finished writing up an ATP email regarding our Arboretum and UMB Greenhouse photo shoots and information, plus our third theme (Waterside Photography) and stuff to that effect. =] As I was mentioning earlier to myself, my mom and a friend of mine, (and as I've mentioned other times actually) college has really opened me up to giving out my phone number more often. Because really, when you got some sort of meet up for a photoshoot going on, you're not gonna have time to email something XD And questions are easier to handle with phones too, but then it can also be a little gah worthy when I don't want to repeat something I feel like I've said a whole bunch of times ^^; Alas, what can you do?

Speaking of, I've actually thought more and more about ATP stuff lately. Somewhat when I had to help me dad fill out a blurb for what would be going into a scholarship request (that's not the right term but I think you get what I mean). But it's definitely weird I mean if I didn't have ATP, I really don't know what I'd be doing. And ATP has taught me a LOT more about stuff that I wouldn't have ever known it could. Like delegation (although I'm still no where near good at it), and management, and ordering money requests, and organizing, and doing really, really cool things like going to the arboretum for an off campus photoshoot or getting to talk to other clubs for collaborative works or seeking out the greenhouse for additional photo worthy stuff or having exhibitions. I swear, there is nothing better than to see your own work amongst lots of other works displayed in a group. In a group together on just a desk or in front of the public, with fellow students and professors and the public stopping by to glaze over it or ask what it's about.... That is seriously an awesome, awesome thing.

We've grown so much as ATP. We've been around for 1 year! We have BUSINESS CARDS! Best thing about ATP is how much we can easily use each other's work to promote not only them but ourselves as a whole. Advertising ploys wahooo!!! We even made flyers this semester, and we got them up in Mass Media (newspaper at school), and we got another one in another club and I got an event alert up on SAGroups, and Deonna went around and spoke in her classes, and I spoke briefly in one of mine... I mean, we seriously decked out this time!!

I mean, I could seriously go on forever talking about ATP... and I think I will! BUAHAHAH

It's just, when I get all up and thinking about it, it's like everything just unfurls and comes on out. I seriously can't imagine where I'd be or what I'd be doing if I didn't have ATP. (I'd probably either be procrastinating (as if I'm not now.... *looks around*) or doing schoolwork) But I don't think it could have happened, unless someone else had made an ATP when I was in my first semester or someone else already had one running. I had spot my eyes on making (remaking, really, ATP existed one time ago in Spring 2009 and Spring 2010) an ATP ever since landing on it and knowing UMB was where I wanted to go and that there wasn't an activated ATP on the club list! I remember my first semester telling people how I wanted to make one, my friends and such, and hoping, wishing no one else thought of the idea first so I could be the one to be top dog. ^^; To say it one way at least ;)

But it's very true. I have never had previous leadership experience. I still don't know what I'm doing. But you learn and make it up as you go along ;) And you get PEOPLE to help you. I learned especially last semester's exhibit that while there are things you can do alone, it's always SO much better doing them with other people. And you have to learn how to not try and do everything yourself (which is really hard and I'm still not good at it). You have to lay it down on someone else and not be there to over manage it. Delegating, you see. The best thing about delegating is having someone else do X work and then briefly (or barely) looking it over much yourself and just slapping it in wherever it needs to go. Like, seriously, that is just the best feeling ever. :rofl:

One of the things I love especially about ATP is how eternal it is, in part at least. Because, essentially (although not completely), art is forever. The ability to create something from abstract causes (emotions, thoughts, ideas) and turn it into something physical that can be seen, felt and more so noticed by other people, is just insanely awesome. And whether, in the case of ATP, you're at UMB for one year or five years, whether you submit work for a semester or 3, the work you create is not only forever for your own self but forever in Photography Club. You will come and go, but you'll also be able to leave a trail of yourself behind.... And I just find that, as most people do, wonderful. Something that must be indulged!

I also know that coming to college has greatly improved my photography. And I KNOW that a lot of that also has to do with Photo Club. My current three works (the abandoned bench and the hand in black&white and the butterfly jar) they would not have been created if Photo Club didn't exist. Anam never would have made up the theme either! And I've gotten the chance to take so many photos with my friends, of my friends, that I'll have so many photos of school after I graduate. I'll have lots of photos of the school itself! XD I still have to upload more calendar/desk calendar shots for you guys to see too.

So, I definitely think that if you want to get better in something, join DA or something like DA (there are a lot of other art sites out there), find feedback, maybe watch tutorials or something, get. yourself. out. there! Practice, practice, practice. DO ALL OF THE ART! And join a club. Or make a club. Having some kind of support unit like that, some place where you can speak with others, get ideas, create together - that will do wonders. Hands. Down. (Think: like DA but in the real world, with greater real world learning and experience)
Like I said, so much of the photography I've gotten to do and definitely a lot of what's gotten me better today has been with the extraordinary push of Photo Club.

I do think though, somewhat interestingly, and out of curiosity, what it would be like to have been or be just a member of a club. Especially one like ATP.
I actually had a blow out earlier on in the semester about ATP. I mentally quit for a week. It was odd, for sure. I didn't want to not be a part of ATP more than during that time, and the reason for it was just feeling all out of control and everywhere. But with a talk from my mom, I took the power back. That felt good. =] And I don't think I've been too crazy over my head involved this semester too. I mean, I have here and there but not as much as last semester, which is good. I'm still not perfect at emailing consistently but I haven't let myself down in that manner too often. I think we may even do photoshoots over this summer! And I'm thinking we could do the Arboretum again next semester with 2 exhibits next semester too. And one of my friends is going to keep her position as well on the club so that's good, don't have to worry about filling that spot and getting that all squared away.

And of course, a lot of the things we've been able to do over this year has been with much, much support of others. :heart:
And, it should be no surprise that I'm excellent at making paperwork for the club XD Release forms and evaluations, whoo! (I totally stole the latter from how we have to do that each class) The paperwork alone I've helped to make or made myself is astounding. I remember sometime last year worrying that I was mixing too much of my self with ATP, particularly with say the photo album I have and whether or not I leave behind those photos in it or I keep them myself, what rights do I have and what are ones I don't etc. But, when you make something or you work closely in part of something, you don't really separate the two. Which can be good and bad, if faults and bumps happen along the way. Creating babies, is what it is, but just not actual babies. ^^

But, I should probably stop talking about ATP, since it's running this entire journal now. :lmao: I will just finally note though, about a point I made earlier about wondering what the club member side of life was: There is a bias in being the head of something. You can't exactly see what it's like beyond that position. Like for me, I often send out emails, work directly with people, gather ideas or concerns, make up our documents (I have a habit of maybe overdoing this and maybe making long emails :blush: - I think I've gotten better though! I use more LARGE FONTS and colors and bold/Italics/Underlining to help :icongrin--plz:), and know the themes that we'll be doing far more in advance than just the club members. I also work more with trying to figure out when we should schedule what where, should we do this, should we do that, what information do we need in order to do Y, Z, etc. Like my dad said to me once, ATP is like a job. It just doesn't pay ;) Since I often know the themes in advance, I can take photos in advance too, and I know this is true since last semester we tried out our last theme as a voted by the members one and I had only 2 weeks or so to do it (the normal timeline for members back then) and I found I really struggled! So, you see? Bias. BUT ANYWHO!

I wasn't supposed to blurb so much about ATP here. ^^; I had other good news instead!

But... I might skip the majority of that good news... :giggle: I can say though that the third lab report I had to do did get done ... yesterday, the day it was due, I woke up at like 5:00am and about 2 hours and 20 minutes later I had a full blown 9 page report... which reminds me AGAIN that I need to upload it! Dx But even so, that made me feel pretty darn awesome.
And then I even got my genetics homework done by 3:00p yesterday (worked on for about an hour) so that was also good. And I got exhibit evals out to people that I needed to. AND, best news: the chapter we're on currently for Chem, I found dishearteningly out that it was 30 pages long, but in one hour (Pist HMD style) I got done 10 pages read, and then a little over an hour after class I got through (Postent HMD style) 20 pages PLUS highlighting. Hells freakin' yeah. I then got to go back and highlight those 10 pages too. :meow: I even took down some questions and areas of focus I found I need. I was actually surprised I got through so much of it, I'm pretty sure at least 6 pages of it was what we had actually covered that day too so it was very helpful ^^

Annnnnnd, I might as well mention it now, I have good news about Chem! I got a 60 on that last quiz =D So, there may just in fact be the chance that I might actually pass Chem :meow:

Buuuuuut for now, I should get myself off DA ^^; I have a paper to write for tomorrow and this evening is probably going to get a little crazy in response for it and a few other things I have to do PX
It's a 5 pager so that's not too bad but I don't exactly know what topic I'm doing for sure...or what I'll write for my thesis...or anything soooooo yeaaaah. I've waffling between the 3rd topic and the 1st topic. Both would include Benatar so that's okay, but I'd like to write Hume but I don't know if I want to write both of them (but we only just started talking about Benatar sooooo) It's tricky. But I should really go get started (I haven't even read Benatar yet >_>) because it's going to take me a while and I'm going to be exhausted tonight... and that might just be a recipe of disaster. Today got a little lost in the wood chipper. I can't believe it's already 4pm! DX

Until, maybe, a few days from now....
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