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Goodness goobers, I have been aways for a little bits of time again! Sigh, alas, I meant to be online (on DA) on Friday evening but well, I got called into work and work will be work (although I DID have these two very awesome customers I'll have to tell you guys about next time hehe it was the icing on the cake for the night (I'd have made a more ice cream related pun but I couldn't think of one XD))

Also, this weekend didn't quite go according to my plans....not that I made any plans exactly on paper. Alas...

The nice thing though, is that I have been for the majority keeping up with all those school readings! I have some stuff to take care of for tomorrow though and don't even get me started on Tuesday's work! Also, I'm quite tired now as well, it's an omen, I'm afraid, a very, very bad omen....

But things are mainly good! I think I inadvertently managed to cheer myself up which is interesting but goods all the same! I need to try and compete with myself briefly to update/type up some ATP stuff I reaaaallly won't have a chance to do otherwise. Also I have to work on Anam's and my friend Rachel's birthday presents... my thought was to exchange presents with Anam on Tuesday (she thought of the day actually) but I may have to wait on my end for Thursday, poo! Ah well, we'll see how it goes!

Tomorrow night I am working! And Friday too! Next Saturday I am on call in the afternoon. This means I get a fancy 3 days right in the middle of the week off! YEY! ALSO though I've heard slightly conflicting timelines, from the one main site I found, next week starting September 9th - 15th is National Suicide Prevention Week, and the 10th is like the big main day (again, a little conflicting information there, that last tidbit might have been from a different site) Anywho, I want to do something for it although I only have a possible makeshift yellow ribbon that I can potentially attach to something I have and I think I'm gonna try and put something up on a journal on Wed here as well. We'll see.

Also, I have NOT forgotten nor do I plan to forget about my belated birthday present to you guys! I will be in the works of that this week, if I'm lucky with not only time management but also school, then maybe I will do it on one of my days off this week. =] It will be around and I will be around....

Tuesday was especially nice! I meant to upload something then but alas, I think time ran away from me. I haven't done a great job of catching up to it since ^^; Today was a bit of a Pist filled day too but I think it worked out all right.

I also lost a friend of mine (not in death or anything, oh god) more so unrequited feelings. Not mine, but his. That sucked. Still sucks. Silly, silly Penguin (I've dubbed him as Penguin for anonymity purposes although if I've told you about him personally you know who I mean XD) I also will be discussing it later on as well, so I guess not that anonymous ahahha, ah well! Anywho, yeah, that sucked. But I'll discuss that later on.

Ummmm what else? I did my first creative writing assignment today! It was quite nice, I will upload it in the next coming days when I can get back online.
Also did a bit of a photoshoot, very small, today. Hoping and wanting to do another better one soon.

I really need to type up for ATP noooooo. Why must there be so much to doooooo?
So freakin tired too. Sigh.

I love my MWF classes by the way!! Such awesome professors this semester =) Social Psych is my only "questionable/concern for" class, in the sense that, the professor's powerpoint style is different enough that my usual style/method for notetaking isn't quite up to par (and as I found last Th, makes it susceptible for my over exhaustion to wreak havoc on me in that 1 hr and 15 minutes. Sigh)
But I'm hoping it will become clearer how to handle it soon. Very tired, whyyyy

Okay, I think I should go then. Hopefully to be asleep soon!

I will return to ye folks later this week! =]
Thank you all, in brief, for the birthday wishes! :iconiloveyouplz: I can't wait to make you guys your present! ;)

Until next time,

PoetsHand stamp commission by IntelligentZombie

....Oh, wait, that's not right.... :lmao: (You gotta admit though, it's a damn nice stamp)

(Also, PoetsHand how is it that I only JUST noticed you used to say (or often said, I didn't archive that far back) "Till next time" and not entirely "Until next time"? Anywho, I'm still thinking of your catch phrases!)

  • Mood: Caring
  • Listening to: Frenzied typing, oh my!
  • Reading: I miss fanfic! But uh, abnormal vs CW? GAH!
  • Eating: Munching on a well cooked face ;]


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Oh! Hello there, random deviant!! :wave:

My work on DA includes Photography and Literature. And those few and not so great attempts at drawing xD My career aim is to go into Medicine [yeah, med school! XD] and become a doctor. A doctor in what? I can't quite decide... xD But an MD in something, surely! :lmao:

I don't watch TV much, but the one TV series I followed for a very long time was House MD [and yes my username is a reference to the show :iconteheplz:]
Other than that, I hardly ever watch it [UNLESS it's something uberly medical -- like Trauma! [The stuff's real anyhow! Which is interesting, and sad, and all "graphic content" Pfff] Or Mystery Diangosis/Mystery ER [Mystery Diagnosis gets a bit repetitive though =|] Or Monsters Inside Me... And you know, they're always coming up with new Medical shows anyhow *waves hands*
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Here on DA, I love commenting, even if it takes me a while to reply to things or actually get around to it, it's on my mind, I swear! =] This site has brought out a 'wanting to help' attitude in me, ever since the beginning, so if you are in need of some and if there may just be something I can do, feel free to ask! If anything, I wouldn't mind having a conversation =)

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